Be a Part of the Solution

You can be a part of the solution!

“Adopt, if you can’t adopt, foster, if you can’t foster, volunteer, if you can’t volunteer, donate, if you can’t donate, educate”

Adopting from a no-kill shelter is the best way to help end pet homelessness, and also our favorite solution here at Strachan Strays! Opening your home and heart to shelter animals will change your and their lives forever.  You are giving these animals a well deserved second chance.  At responsible shelters, an adoption process will entail certain requirements to ensure that every pet adopted, is not only going to a good home, but also to their forever home.  The most common requirements are:

  • Filling out an application.
  • Meeting an age requirement.
  • Providing a personal reference that the shelter can call.
  • A meet and greet with all family members to ensure that the pet and potential adopters are comfortable with each other.
  • “Home Checks” are often performed to ensure that your residence is a suitable environment to care for and raise your specific pet.
    *Please keep in mind that all shelters may differ in their requirements for approving an adoption.

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