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At Strachan Strays we are passionate about promoting pet adoption from a network of responsible no-kill shelters throughout the United States. Our goal is to raise awareness and educate individuals on how they can make a difference in the fight to end pet homelessness.

  • With this pledge I promise to act in the best interest of the animals within my care, at all times.

Our Pledges:

  • Ben W. – Columbus, Ohio
  • Mo & Rob O. – San Antonio, Texas
  • Teah B. – Lebanon, Pennsylvania
  • Kate A. – Ocala, Florida
  • Angie W. – San Antonio, Texas
  • Cindy B. – Myerstown, Pennsylvania
  • Jaqui M. – Columbus, Ohio
  • Lindsay M. – Westminster, Maryland
  • Cindy & Amber H. – Lebanon, Pennsylvania
  • Dani R. – Key Largo, Florida
  • James K. – Hanover, PA
  • Stacey K. – Hanover, PA
  • Krista H. -Manheim, PA
  • Melissa D. –Carlisle, PA
  • Josh D. –Carlisle, PA
  • Regan D. –Carlisle, PA
  • Chase D. –Carlisle, PA
  • Jen H. – Hummelstown, PA
  • Michele M. –Middletown, PA
  • Jessica S. –Harrisburg, PA
  • Kathy K. – Harrisburg, PA
  • Melany K. – Harrisburg, PA
  • Dan K. – Harrisburg, PA
  • Jeremy W. –Carlisle, PA
  • Dani W. –Carlisle, PA
  • Mandi J. –Williamstown, PA
  • Brianna M. – Tower City, PA
  • Trinity C. – Annville, PA
  • Terri D. –Shippensburg, PA
  • Clay H. – Shippensburg, PA
  • Denise S. –Enola, PA
  • Alex S. –Lebanon, PA
  • Angela S. –Lebanon, PA
  • Laura S. –Sterling, VA
  • Kathy C. –New Cumberland, PA
  • Brandon R. –Richmond, VA
  • Lindsey R. –Richmond, VA
  • Dorothy A. –The Villages, FL
  • Jim A. –The Villages, FL
  • Jim A. –Ocala, FL
  • Joann A. –Ocala, FL
  • Matt A. –Panama City Beach, FL
  • Kelly A- Panama City Beach, FL
  • AJ A. –Panama City Beach, FL
  • Ellie A. –Panama City Beach, FL
  • Jen A. –Tallahassee, FL
  • Kevin M. –Germantown, MD
  • Kim L. –Germantown, MD
  • Leigh Ann W. –Arlington, VA
  • Brittany S. –Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • Curtis S. –Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • Keeya J. –Sterling, VA
  • AJ C. –Washington, DC
  • Tyler S. –Memphis, TN
  • Jennifer L. –Fairfax, VA
  • Stephanie C. –McLean, VA
  • Jessica W. –Oklahoma City, OK
  • Bonnie R. –Port Tobacco, MD
  • Patricia W. –Lorton, VA
  • David S. –Lusby, MD
  • Stephen M. –Arlington, VA
  • Aaron B. –Norfolk, VA
  • Holly R. –Haymarket, VA
  • Dotty D. –Warrenton, VA
  • Emilee C. –Moneta, VA
  • Ellis M. –Washington, DC
  • Rhea S. –Alexandria, VA
  • Josie G. –Washington, DC
  • Kathleen P. –Columbia, MD
  • Merlin C. –Fredericksburg, VA
  • David S. –Springfield, VA
  • Liz G. –Great Falls, VA
  • Donny C. –Washington, DC
  • Stacey D. –Alexandria, VA
  • Michael S. –Queen Anne, MD
  • Heather W. –Front Royal, VA
  • Eugene W. –McLean, VA
  • Jeff W. –Knoxville, TN
  • Shelly D. –Front Royal, VA
  • Tammy C. –Front Royal, VA
  • Heather M. –Chester, VA
  • Erik L. –Woodbridge, VA
  • Susana C. –Leesburg, VA
  • Cam C. –Alexandria, VA
  • Brad C. –Front Royal, VA
  • Brittney S. –Sterling, VA
  • Halley D. –Woodbridge, VA
  • Sabrina R. –Stanardsville, VA
  • James D. –Front Royal, VA
  • Mark W. –Columbia, MD
  • Adam M. – Warrenton, VA
  • Paula A. –Front Royal, VA
  • Dolores M. –Hyattsville, MD
  • Neil C. –Ellicott City, MD
  • Jeff M. –Washington, DC
RT @tstracks: We turned our Sodesy into an 8 foot tall #Snowdsy with a 6 and a half foot collar! @StrachanStrays @A4A_org #AdoptDontShop #3
RT @RockU2x: Stracks at Pucks & Paws @sarampage event. She takes her hockey serious. #SARampage @StrachanStrays
Happy #NationalDogDay to our two kids that put up with family photos!
Wahhhh we are the worst! Ready to get back on Twitter and help some more pups! Sorry we have been so quiet #noexcuses #butwedidplanawedding
@nina_rose52 let us look through our stock and if we have one we can definitely send it out!
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Thank you @LisaVanderpump for using your platform to raise awareness for the pups #aREALhousewife
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Happy #NationalBlackDogDay Raja knows black dogs are awesome! Spread the cuteness by sharing a pic of your pup!
Thank you wild fans for all the love! Can't wait to help some pups this season. #adoptdontshop