Video Poker Tips and Strategy

Video Poker Tips and Strategy

Beginners who do not play with a strategy will be up against a higher house edge and will most likely lose. Although different variations of video poker will have different strategies, there are certain tips players should follow in every game.

Play slowly – The first thing to remember is take your time. If you play carefully, you are more apt to make the right moves instead of rushing and making a mistake that could cost you the game. The machine does not have any time limits on it, so you can consider your move for as long as you want.

Start low – If you are a beginner, start with the lowest denomination machines to win prizes until you have more experience. You will lose less money this way.

Know the payouts – Take a look at the payout schedule and make sure you understand what it means. Don’t forget different machines have different payouts. By not comprehending the schedule, you risk losing money.

Bet the max – When playing a progressive machine, you should bet the maximum number of coins allowed so you can get a bonus for royal flushes.

Forget about it – After each hand, clear your mind and treat the new hand like a new game. The machine does not remember what you did on the last hand, so just forget about it and focus on winning the next hand.

Practice, practice, practice – To become a video poker expert, all you can do is practice. Get to know strategies that work, the good cards to hold onto and the ones to get rid of. This is the only sure-fire way to become good at the game.